How can we help you ?

In Sport Aviation, small incidents can occur. As a ultralight, glider or airplane owner, you often don’t know what to do to properly get the repair work done.

Two major obstacles can be standing between you and your will to quickly fly again:

– Technical issues: You need to know what to do and which method or materials to use

– Certification issues: You must have an approved repair method that the manufacturer rarely provides

Protoplane can help you repairing your aircraft !

A very experienced team

We already have certified a major repair method for a LS1-D (fuselage broken in half) and provided technical assistance in the reparation of a damaged Ka-8B.

Protoplane can also proceed to the repair of your uncertified aircraft (French ultralight, homebuild…). The Protoplane’s team already have repair dozens of ultralights of all kind (wood, composite, metal…), including huge structural repair. If you don’t have the capacity of making the repair, we take care of everything and give you back your aircraft when its ready to fly again !

Do not hesitate to contact us for all of your sport aviation needs.