Modifications in the whole field of imagery

Protoplane is one of the lead European companies for aircraft modifications (fixed wing and helicopter – for aerial survey, installation of photogrammetric cameras and color/IR video turrets). Our modifications are used for photography, filming as well as surveillance, law enforcement and peacekeeping.

For imagery purpose, we worked on Partenavia P68, AS350, Cessna Caravan, BN-2, Beechcraft 350 ER, Dassault Falcon 50…

We also mounted some EVS cameras and display on EC135.

Our achievements

We designed, manufactured and certified multiple modifications related to imagery:

– Camera hatches with holes in the pressurized vessel (up to 20,5″ of diameter), including a sliding door to protect the optical glass

– Installation of fixed and retractable video turret in several aircraft, including a retractable video turret (80 kg) on a pressurized aircraft. Our EASA certified turret elevator is designed to be as compact as possible.

– Design of a pressurized box housing a camera working at the exterior pressure