Protoplane’s data transmission modifications are one of our well-known specialties around the world.

Retractable masts

Our retractable masts are long in order to avoid any transmission disturbance.

For example, the Protoplane mast on Beechcraft 200 and 350 allows the aircraft to make turns up to 30° of bank angle without communication loss.

At an altitude of 20000 ft, our transmission system can broadcast data up to 140 miles.

A large experience

We have modified several aircraft with video transmission equipment, electronic racks, antennas or retractable masts (Cessna 404, Piper Chieftain, Cessna Caravan, Beechcraft 200, Dassault Falcon 50, AS350 and AS 355, BN-2). Our modifications are certified by the EASA and FAA.

The data transmission modifications of Protoplane are used on prestigious sporting events that are broadcasted live (2012 Olympic Games in London, Le Tour de France…). The data link system of Protoplane is also used for surveillance and peacekeeping.

Custom solutions

Protoplane can provide you with a complete solution, including aircraft or rotorcraft modification and transmission electronics.