Protoplane has an important experience in designing, manufacturing and certifying VIP cabin interiors. We already have completely refurnished three Dassault Falcon 50 and a Cessna Citation III.

Protoplane works on constant improvement of user comfort. We always approach the design from the point of view of the end-user in order to maximize comfort during all phases of the flight.

We are making comprehensive structural calculation for all our cabinets and furniture items. With our special assembly process, their weight is reduced to the minimum while keeping strong structural provisions.

Switching from the classical cabinetry to a Protoplane one will save around 150kg for a Falcon 50. Such weight saving will allow you to make your long trip in one leg, without proceeding to a tedious technical stop.

Our custom made interiors will satisfy your own specific needs. Protoplane is not limited to work on the cabinetry but can also install a complete IFE system, SATCOM, an external filling opening for the lavatories tank, power plugs…

Protoplane is currently working on a completely new seating and berthing solution for classical business jets like the Falcon 50.