Radomes for any kind of aircraft

Protoplane can design, manufacture and certify radomes or pods for any aircraft type. We already have worked on radomes and pods for Beechcraft 200 and 350 ER, C160 Transall, AS350, Cessna Caravan, Dassault Falcon 50…

Aerodynamical studies

Our radome design includes a Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. The CFD analysis allows us to have a clear understanding of the influence of the radome on the aircraft flight characteristics. The aerodynamics of our radomes is also very refined in order to have a minimum influence.

Refined design

The design is also based on a structural and transmission analysis. Thanks to our special manufacturing process using foam and aramid fiber, our radomes combine structural strength with very low transmission loss.

In the end, our radomes are combining good aerodynamics and structural strength while having exceptionally low transmission loss. For example, a radome capable of housing a 950 x 450 mm antenna only has a transmission loss of 0.35 dB and, mounted on a Beechcraft 350, it will only reduce the speed by 1% !

Custom pods and radomes

Protoplane designs custom radomes to house the antenna you need for the aircraft you have. Our radomes or pods already have been installed on different areas (belly for radar, top of the fuselage for SATCOM…). They can protect radar or transmission devices as well as any other protruding item (including cargo).