Protoplane is an approved design organization (EASA APDOA 339).

Below is a list of the EASA approved change and repair design.

Type DescriptionAircraft or rotorcraft
STCVideo system installation consisting of racks and transmitter mastBN2A-21, BN2B-21
Major RepairWing and fuselage repair on LS1-D gliderLS1-D n°237
Major Repair
Repairing the belly of a crashed Beechcraft 200 to allow a ferry flight of 1400 Nm over the seaBeechcraft 200
STCInstallation of a radar and a turret on a Beech 350Beechcraft 350 ER
STCInstallation of a Video Transmission Unit on a Cessna 208Cessna 208 B
STCRemoving of the metal parts of a cargo pod and provisions for the installation of signal transmission antennas inside the podBeechcraft 200 C
Minor ChangeElectronic racks installationBeechcraft 200 C S/N BB 1473
Minor ChangeElectronic racks installationBeechcraft 200 C S/N BL49
Minor ChangeInstallation of a Flight Deck Organizer (stowage box) between pilot and copilot seats to stow crew documentationViking DHC-6
Minor ChangeInstallation of aluminum racks on the cabin seat tracksCessna 404
STCVideo transmission mast under Beech 200Beechcraft 200
STCInstallation of video transmission equipmentAS350 (B D B1 B2 B3 BA BB)
STCInstallation of video transmission equipmentAS355 (E F F1 F2 N NP)
STCBEZU installation on a BN-2 Britten-Norman BN-2
Minor ChangeQuick release system of the left galleyDassault Falcon 50
STCInstallation of a Max-Viz EVS 1500 vision enhancement systemEurocopter EC 135 (T1 T2 T2+ P1 P2 P2+)
STCAttachment provisions on Falcon 50 S/N 011Dassault Falcon 50
Minor ChangeSeat replacement (from SERMI to DECRANE seat)Dassault Falcon 50
STC (Brazil)Installation of video transmission equipmentAS355 (F F1 F2 N NP)

As a design subcontractor, Protoplane also designed a Major Repair for a crashed front part of a Cessna CJ1 and dozens of avionics and small antennas installation (STCs and minor changes)