The importance of comfort and ergonomics

During a mission, the operator will spend several hours at his or her workstation. The comfort and ergonomics of the workstation are therefore very important to limit the operator’s fatigue and maintain the maximum crew efficiency throughout the mission.

Multiple options

Our consoles and cabinets are always tightly fitted to the aircraft skin in order to save as much space as possible. This improves the operator’s comfort and maximizes the remaining width of aisle.

We certified and installed consoles with joystick, keyboard, 17” display, foldable screen, retractable table, armrest, bottle holder…

Limiting the weight to a minimum

Our EASA certified electronic racks also allows you to store the equipment you need for your mission. These racks can be custom made to fit your need and the aircraft you have.

Limiting the weight of the modification is critical to maintain the aircraft range. This is why all of our equipment is designed to be light while having the necessary structural capacity. For example, our 21U rack (height 36.75”, width 19”) only weighs 15.4 kg, half the industry standard!