High-end IFE system

When refurbishing a classical business aircraft, we install up-to-date IFE (In Flight Entertainment). We can install video entertainment, moving map, lighting effects and SATCOM.

iPads for each passenger

Our new IFE system is based on iPads. In a user-friendly environment, the passenger can have:
– Control on its personal reading light brightness and on the lighting of its seating area
– Personal HD Video and Audio installation (media stored in the internal memory or in a server) as well as a moving map
– Access to the Internet if the aircraft is equipped with a SATCOM

Other features

The flight attendant iPad Mini (located inside the main cabinet) allows her or him to control the overall aircraft lighting (including scenarii) as well as the electric equipment on the kitchen (coffee maker, oven…).
Apart from the personal installations, one or multiple big screens can provide video or moving map during the flight.